BASIC PACKAGE – Employee Benefits

Start your BASIC benefits package from only $1 monthly.


What’s included:

    • – accident life benefit for $3,000 per adult and $1,000 per child (in Florida it’s $2,000 per child). After the first year, it’s $10 for the whole year PER FAMILY, to continue coverage on this plan. (add MORE life insurance from $6/month)
  • PRESCRIPTION DRUGS discount – save up to 70% on Rx medications at national pharmacy chains
    • – Access to Tel-a-Doc – you pay $49 or less out-of-pocket per telephone or online Dr. visit, for non-emergency Doctor consultations, prescription filling or after-hours medical care.
    • ADD-ON  Dental plan: $12.95/month for adult (+$4 for children coverage)
    • ADD-ON  Health benefit: $17.70/month for ACCIDENT HEALTH BENEFITS (+$7 for CHILD RIDER, or add $13 for the whole family, incl. spouse and children):
      • Plan pays $300 per day benefit for HOSPITAL CONFINEMENT
      • $600 per day benefit for Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
      • $300 benefit paid for EMERGENCY ROOM services / adult (child benefit is $200 for ER – if child rider is added)
      • Plan pays up to $2,400 for FRACTURES; up to $2,200 for DISLOCATIONS
      • Plan pays up to 6,250 for paralysis due to an accident
      • Dismemberment benefits up to $25,000 for adult, or $6,250 per child (if child rider added).
      • LIFE add-on – accidental death benefit included of $50,000 per adult, $12,500 per child (if child rider is added).
      • Add-on Physician’s office rider for $1.20/month, that will pay up to additional $200 per Dr. visit (includes benefits for broken teeth, sprains, first-degree burns, etc).





LIFE INSURANCECLICK HERE to add-on life coverage from $6/month, 10 or 20-year Term life. Medical underwriting required.

LONG-TERM and SHORT-TERM DISABILITY – get paid if sick or injured and can’t work – rates from $25/month. Medical and financial proof of insurability required. CLICK HERE to request a quote.

HEALTH INSURANCE – short-term health plans, up to 360 days /year coverage. Rates from $75/month. CLICK HERE to request a quote.

DENTAL PLANS – from $12/month, discount dental plans, save up to 70% on dental procedures. CLICK HERE to apply for dental coverage.

CRITICAL ILLNESS & CANCER BENEFITS: up to $50,000 lump sum benefit paid to you, at first diagnosis of cancer or other covered critical illness. Rates from $15/month. CLICK HERE to get a quote.

MORTGAGE PAYMENT PROTECTION – rates from $15/mo. to protect your family’s ability to pay off your largest asset: your home. Keep the home, not the debt! CLICK HERE to get a quote.