Additional Benefits

Add-on benefits to strengthen your coverage

 LIFE   |   DISABILITY   |   HEALTH   |   DENTAL   |   401(k) Retirement 

Monthly Total: $

Basic plan includes:
- LIFE insurance for accidental death: $3,000 per adult, $2,000 per child in FL/ $1,000 per child all other states (subsequent years cost is $10/family per YEAR). Valid to age 70 max.

- Prescription meds discount plan - save up to 70% on Rx drugs.

- Access to Tel-a-Doc Doctor's virtual or telephonic visits, for non-emergency physician consultation, prescription refill, etc. You pay $49 or less per visit.

Immediate benefits, no waiting period! Pre-existing dental issues accepted!

Dental discount plan saves you 50-65% on dental work, cleanings, x-rays, etc.

Monthly total contribution: $

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